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June 12, 2005

I want to goÖ

On this giant planet sized treasure hunt with technology! It looks like so much fun, with the clues and the exploring and the finding. And then the leaving of treats for the next person. Ooooooh so much fun!

Only, it kinda sucks that it excludes people who canít afford the technology. Or who have bad credit that wasnít their fault and donít have assets anyway so they canít get a credit card to go and buy neat stuff like Travel Bugs and Micro Cache Stones. And then thereís the whole Hurah 4X4s! thing. Sigh.


I want to goÖ to the bottom of the ocean, and see an orange sea pen, and a fried egg jelly, and a pretty lacey kelp thing, and a strange spikey thing... but I canít even learn to scuba dive cos Iím asthmatic.


Why do my Friday themes always end up on Monday night?


I want to goÖ to sleep.


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I havenít sent any of my work out for many months, not since The Big Rejection That Shall Not Be Spoken OfÖ so it comes as somewhat of a surprise that in the past two weeks Iíve had emails about two of my poems being published Ė one in a journal and one in a pretty book!

If only you could see my happy dance.

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