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March 18, 2005

I liked it before it was cool

I’ve been saying for years that chilli & chocolate was a great combination… and now, there’s TimTam Chilli Choc Fling. As chilli & chocolate creations go, it’s below average. In fact, as TimTams go, it’s below average. So don’t judge the combination based on this limited treatment.


I’m reading and leading a couple of workshops at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary Creative Writing Day tomorrow. Or Sunday, if Saturday gets rained on. You should come. If you’re a member it’s free.

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March 14, 2005

Stardust & passion


WOMAD was totally amazing. Three of my favourite groups were playing: the Celtic band Capercaillie; the Kronos Quartet; and Lo’Jo, a French group whose music has African, gypsy, Indian and Arabic influences. Lo’Jo were definitely the highlight for me, their music is so funky, great to dance to, and the Nid El Mourid sisters are gorgeous.


One of the great things about music festivals is that you go for a couple of bands, but then there are other surprise treats. Richie Havens (who opened Woodstock in 1969) was so cool. And what a voice! I’d kill for a voice like that... and for one song he was joined by Taj Mahal.

Bravura with Jackie Clarke were also Fab.


Continuing the Woodstock theme, the Kronos Quartet played their rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner. I missed their second act at WOMAD cos I had to fly back for the Rainbow Room, but I caught them tonight at the town hall.


There was a definite peace theme to the weekend, with lots of groups consciously using music as a means to create peace, and unite cultures. There were also mentions of Parihaka, and there were kuia with white feathers in their hair mingling with the hippies and Rastafarians and white middle class families with 2.5 kids.

The venue was gorgeous, my tent was right on the edge of the bush, with kereru, korimako and tui in the bushes, and ruru at night.


And now… I’m now in drastic need of sleep...


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