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March 26, 2006

The Band Called Dave

The best kind of gig to go to is one where you have absolutely no expectations. That way you’re delighted, surprised and excited when it turns out to be brilliant.

I went along to Katipo tonight because my friend’s girlfriend was playing. I hadn’t heard her before, and knew nothing about her music, and nothing about the other bands playing. It wasn’t till I got there and read a flyer that I realised I knew half of the headline act. I just haven’t kept up with their name changing.

The evening got off to a slightly confusing start. I was mildly startled when a guy from the cafe came around collecting a cover charge, as I'd been told it was a free gig, and I didn't have any cash. It wasn't that I minded paying, it's just that I'd dragged out my friend, who was broke, for a free night out, and I felt a bit embarrassed when the bucket was waved under my nose, and all I could scrounge together was a small handful of coins I'd been saving for parking. Anyway, I had enough to pay for my friend, and another friend payed for me. But the band didn't feel good about charging people when it hadn't been advertised as having a cover charge... so the next minute the bucket came back around and the money was returned. Which I thought was really, um, integritous. But then the guy from the cafe put the bucket back out for koha, and in the end I went and got some cash out to put back in the bucket, because hell, it was worth it.

Anyway, the music.

Jess Jackson was charming, and did a heart-wrenchingly sweet rendition of Ben Harper’s “Walk Away”.

Christine White was absolutely fab, and I loved the catchy little Wellington number she did. She was edgier and quirkier than I expected (based on meeting her twice briefly without a guitar). I bought her album, which is awesome, and listening to it I swear you can actually hear that she has such a cute grin. Amplifier reckon she has “the energy of a rock band and the sensitivity of a poet”, which pretty much sums up tonight’s set.

Orange Farm rocked... apparently they are breaking up, which is a damn shame, because it turns out that having french horn in a rock band really really works. Still, there will be a nice little EP to remember them by.

The Band Called Dave had another interesting instrument mix, with the lovely Geraldine on clarinet. Dave is/are an awesome band, with a nice mixture of catchy tunes and grittier numbers. They’re all awesome musicians, and they would be great band even if they didn’t have the clarinet, but throwing it into the mix takes things to a whole new level. Also they had the coolest array of funky t-shirts ever worn by a single band at any one time.

The sound lady twiddled her knobs beautifully too.

At this point I could continue to demonstrate why I don't have a job as a music reviewer by spouting various and inadequate superlatives, or, preferably, you could check out TBC Dave and Christine for yourself. They are both playing on Wednesday night downstairs at Bodega. Highly recommended.


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