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January 06, 2005


Eduardo has challenged poets to post a page from their notebooks. I think it'd be much more fun to see actually pictures of the pages, but hey, my scanner is packed up and my camera is out of batteries, so I'll just go with the general flow (maybe they all have electronic notebooks?) Mine seems a lot shorter than some of them... it's because my notebook is quite small.


Boys aní beans boys aní beans, boy knickers boy knickers beans beans beans.

I went to kindergarten and I did a painting. A dragon. But there wasnít much yellow. Only a little bit. Iím gonna see Kyra tomorrow, but she wonít push me. She might be bigger now. Iíve got boy knickers. Theyíve got cars on them. There wasnít much yellow. Only a little bit. I need to get some more yellow. Thereís strawberries out there!

You shake light particles
from your hair
fine dust
raining over us.

A new study by a pair of theorists in Sweden describes how swirling clouds of atoms could slug down all nearby light, making them as black as their astronomical cousins.

has broken free
and hurtles aimlessly
through time

the breath of stars
that have long since faded

the gentle corralling of rays

Tiny tornadoes within wispy clouds of gas, they would snag photons through their remarkable ability to slow light pulses.

a fluid flow can drag light along with it.

We can linger a thousand times
weight is as solid
ďAn aesthete is unsettled at so much grace, a believer communicating with his god, a philosopher overtaken by a memory from his reading.Ē

Let us discover a new road to Damascus

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