beautiful monsters: Five ways of looking at Cat

May 26, 2004

Five ways of looking at Cat

At Camís house we drink iced tea while poetry dribbles from the walls. There are robots on the windowsill. I wonder if I should point out that the bananas are hypocritical. Or maybe itís not about politics.


Itís not the whole cat Iím allergic to, just the saliva. Sammy had eyes like the full moon in Bangkok, but he lost his grip on the willow. Slip, slip. Now we have an absence of cat, but the flip flap still keeps Cara awake at night.


Graffiti is just another word for the collision of art and poetry.

Words overwrite the landscape. What is landscape? Is it out that window? Is it in this painting? Is it here, under our feet? Cam produces a box of Sante bars. "Yum," says Airini. Light slides over the walls and we both notice the sun.

Every flat has a blue and white checked tea towel and a sound like a thirsty dog.

Posted by Fionnaigh at May 26, 2004 12:10 AM