beautiful monsters: Mutant eggs

August 06, 2003

Mutant eggs

Someone at the Stonesoup lunch asked how my eggs were going. Hmmm. Actually, they’re not going well at all. Tonight they kind of splattered into the pan, and bits disintegrated into the water, and they looked really gross. A bit like decaying alien life forms. And they both had double yokes. Freakish organic free-range shit. I did a Google image search for “poached egg,” just to make sure, and none of the results looked the slightest bit like my own attempts. I’m definitely doing something wrong…

After comments about the sex and feathered boys series, I'm wondering if I should have content codes in the subject line. (W) means it's safe to read at work. (T) means it's tragic and angsty. (D) for dangerous and disturbing. That kind of thing. Or would that spoil the surprise?

My writing efforts this week are all turning out crap, so I’m not going to post any of them. But a classmate has just started blogging (landscape writing on the blogroll), so there’s a small community of IIML bloggers starting to appear.

What do you think of the Beautiful Monsters colour scheme? I'm contemplating redecoration.

Too tired to think any more. Bed. Warm. Sleep.

Posted by Fionnaigh at August 6, 2003 11:12 PM

Do you add vinegar to your water before you poach the egg? Also try stirring the water into a slow whirlpool and cracking the egg into the centre. It makes the end result a cool shape :)

Posted by: Siobhann at August 7, 2003 09:29 AM

I like the colour scheme, but could I vote for some *pink* if you are redoing??? (bright spunky pink, not watery pale pink)
BTW, I could fix you up with a nice Flash banner ad if you are interested... :)

Not sure about the content codes. I generally feel OK about reading blogs at work unless they have lots of pictures - like some of the livejournal ones with all the icons of various TV peops in interesting sits :) (These just look dodgier, from further away, than a studious-looking text blog :)

Posted by: bec at August 7, 2003 03:55 PM

*pink*! nonononononono. one day I will erradicate pink entirely (except possibly for sunsets). Maybe I could get Kitty Lifter to widen her horizons.

Posted by: .carla at August 7, 2003 06:54 PM

the colour is in the text hun. awesome to see you yesterday

Posted by: h at August 7, 2003 09:50 PM

B-b-but… Pink would be so WRONG! It would be like when Buffy put on a bright pink dress and went all silly. It would be horrible!

Posted by: Fi at August 7, 2003 11:13 PM