December 16, 2008

replying to earlier comments

You are all awesome.

Airline did sort us out with next flight and hotel rooms. They would also probably have refunded purchases of things like undies/toiletries etc, but we just couldn't be bothered jumping through those hoops.

Our luggage would presumably have been checked for bombs on the dublin-london flight?

It was really good seeing drowninghail, Beau and I weren't up to more than one (mellow) visitor, we were both wrecked from staying up late saying goodbyes, getting up early and driving to from Cork to Dublin, having ticket issues at Dublin, getting to London and racing to plane to not make it and then line up a lot to sort out new ticket and hotel room. We are now in Anaheim and have already been to disneyland once. Again today!

We really loved our time in Ireland and europe and we wants more! We hope/plan to go back in the future.

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Posted by giffy at December 16, 2008 06:11 AM