April 21, 2008

Busy-ness as usual

Beau and I are finally settling down in the routine beginning way.

Our week-nights are now becoming full of activities.


I (and if Beau is ever in town and not working) sing with a local community choir. I was introduced to it by OZgirl who is *really* into choirs. Cork has many choirs and the national choral fest will be here in two weekends. OZgirl is volunteering so she's giving us free tickets to choir of choice. She recommends Musica Intima, a canadian choir.

Beau and I have signed up for Swing dancing classes. There is a bit of a swing and salsa community and they have several socials a month where you get dressed up and dance. I've already been to 2 and they've been heaps of fun. I can't wait until we're better so we can do some of the fancier steps we've seen.

Last night I was out at a charity burlesque event organised by one of the girls in class. People got seriously dolled up, our teacher gave a bit of a lesson at the venue so that even if you had never done swing you could still get out there and fake it ;) The event was hosted by a couple of fabulous drag queens and there were also 2 beautiful burlesque performers who each did a strip show (they both were wearing pasties, it's was very tasteful and gorgeous). Beau couldn't go as he was in Galway, which kinda sucks. Money good, timing and location, not so much. I went with Mytholder and Ozgirl and saw a bunch of people from class and danced with them. Turned out that a few of Mytholder's friends were also out and near by so we met up and chatted with them too. I also talked to the organiser and she's keen to do it again and maybe get a pole etc, she wants to see what I can do. It'd be so much fun to perform! I also talked heaps with one of the burlesque dancers and I'm pretty sure I'm making a new friend there ;)

Anyhoo back to Swing. I love the music and the fashion style of Swing. It's jazz and big band and so much fun. I'm really pleased to know that Jenni and Lee are going to classes back in Kiwiland. Hopefully this means we'll have people to dance with when we get back.

We've started a tradition of Mytholder dinner nights on Thurs, although I suspect it might change simply to "entertaining night Thursday" as Mytholder will soon be in Japan for a few weeks and unable to attend. We've had 3 so far and have 2 more lined up. Mytholder (and sometimes other people) come over for a home-cooked meal. It's been heaps of fun and I'm really enjoying working on my cooking/entertaining. I think that is the craft I shall be working on this year. Last year I was more about the sewing (full-length lined coat, baby dresses with hats etc) It's all good stuff for the 50s housewife club too. I *will* hopefully be emailing people about that in the next week. Lots to update on.

Other stuff
I have a job now. I was quite busy with temping last week and ended up working on 4 days (three at a certain tea factory that is world famous in Ireland. I may have to send some samples to tea lovers in NZ). I got calls from 2 other temping agencies that week too. Work apparently comes in floods here.

My original temping agency has also locked me into a 3 month jobbie with a government agency. I'm to be on reception, but it isn't very busy. I'm allowed to read/play online/write on the computer. The last person they had was studying part-time and did all her assignments at work. I don't know how I'll fill up the days. I know that they block gmail, I'm not sure what else they might block. I'll have to be careful that I don't put on weight just sitting there!

Beau has also been very busy with work, but he keeps getting work on the weekends. This may become more of an issue now that I will be working weekdays. However, it's only 3 months and we'll see how we go afterwards. I've made it his job to organise our holidays. I figure we'll take at least a week off after my 3 months work. He's also really keen to do a weekend away overseas, but I'm unsure how that is going to fit around my work. Next weekend we have plans to hire a car with Ozgirl and a friend of hers and explore West Cork a bit. It was originally supposed to happen this weekend, but didn't for a variety of reasons. Instead I went shopping for work shirts and shoes yesterday with Neid ,went boardgaming with Mytholder and friends, went to Red Room Romp and danced and talked my little heart out. Today, I am currently making chicken broth/stock using the carcasse from the roast I cooked on Thursday. I also need to do grocery shopping and have plans to play Supermario Galaxy at Mytholder's later.

So, things are starting to Busy up and I'm already looking forward to our holiday in July :)

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