April 07, 2008

House Warmed -aka entry 400!

Yay, we had our house warming yesterday and it was good. There was a surprisingly large number of people there, 17 all up (I know because everyone had cake except for one person who did not want it and there were 16 pieces) which is plenty for our little flat.

Big ups to mytholder who ensured that our flatwarming in Ireland actually had some irish attendees by bringing himself, his flatmates and 2 other friends, one of whom is a *girl* and managed to recommend somewhere for me to get my eyebrows done. Yay!!!

We also had a kiwi-doctor, her partner, who, like me has no job. He got the low-down on my awesome icing and may be baking in the near future. They also brought 2 french architects they met while hostelling. Lovely!

The french actually had heaps to talk about as 3 of the 4 people our flatmate invited were also architects?! Coincident-y.

I baked a lovely cake with gorgeous icing. Mmm-mm. I could just eat the icing. It was made with marscarpone and had a dash of baileys in it too. Big ups to my buddy Cookie, for giving me the cake recipe and the ancestor to the icing recipe.

Also had an Aussie we hostelled with come. She's the same one I went shopping with the other day. Shall call her Choirgirl as she into that and hoping to get me into it too. I shall go to a rehearsal on Tuesday :)

It was good times. We bought a bottle of 42below to share with people and it was all gone by the end of the night. We went to be about 3. Voltron was still up and chatting with 2 of his guests then. He'd been amazing with prep, he made us delicious lunch and then also cooked a huge lasagne and chicken-rice salad to share. He also bought a bottle of whisky (or is it whiskey here, I forget). Those polish know how to party.

I just had a great time.

Also, I'm going to Fota on Tuesday for free! Mytholders flatmate works there and said he can get me in. They might also have some seasonal (summer) work going. Probably mindless and minimum wage but some work is better than none and it'd be so different from anything else I ever do as would be all outside! (they need drivers for the tour vans that circle around the park:) they may also need people in the "education" area which I might be able to get in on. Even if it doesn't work out, visiting the park and handing my CV in is something to do, right?


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