March 31, 2008

We'll be back when it's warmer

So, Beau and I had a good time in Edinburgh. We both helped out at Confusion, which was a good way to make ourselves approachable. There was a bit of gentle ribbing about importing Kiwis to run the Con (the Coordinator of the whole thing is a Kiwi).

The Con was different to the ones I've attended in NZ, mainly because a largish portion of the attendees were not roleplayers. A fair portion were card gamers, there for a WoW or Yu-gi-oh tournament! Also, there were several sessions of LARPing, all small and not very well attended. Several of the people I talked to were more than a little disparaging about it!

Things that I though were awesome were the location having a bar with hot food available and the geeky, Geeky pub quiz at the end of the night. There was much cursing of a certain smallish scotsman currently in NZ who wrote one of the more difficult rounds. One of his questions was "What is the greatest movie ever?" It totally depended on how well you knew him!

Something else which I thought was neat, was that the con has a 24min rpg writing competition. This was judged by the celeb guest D. Vincent Baker (Dogs in the Vineyard among others) who was a lovely guy and sat next to me during the pub quiz.

Oh, also, they had a charity auction! Cereal. One of the things they auctioned off was a Cthulu underwear set (g-string and briefs). A few girls bid on that to give it to Mytholder. Other people bid to see the look on his face when he was presented with them (in case you are wondering, Mytholder did not attend the auction and they managed to keep it a secret from him until they presented them) They raised a bunch of money. Yay!

Edinburgh is a gorgeous, gorgeous city. Particularly in spring with the flowers etc everywhere. Basically the whole of the city centre is a world heritage site and it makes me feel a bit funny to know that the "New Town" is 250years old!

Unfortunately, there was a wicked cold snap shortly after we arrived and I came down with a cold that I am still attempting to rid myself off. I have developed my usual horrible cough and can not wait to sleep in my own bed (only 2 sleeps away).

Because of the cold and my cold we didn't do as much stuff as I and Beau would have liked ie, no night tour, no castle, no walking to Arthurs seat. We did manage to go to the Edinburgh Zoo on my birthday (awesome! I have pictures on facebook) and drowninghail kindly gave me a birthday present. We also managed to have dinner out with our kind host ajax and Pixie (I'll call her that 'cause she's small and energetic), a long time friend of muggle's and my caught the train and joined us.

It didn't really feel like my birthday, cause I didn't see any family, most friends etc. The various e-messages were nice, but not the same as real life encounters (and presents ;p).

We're back in Ireland now and counting down until we can move into our place. Mytholder kindly gave us his own bed for a night when our hostel of choice was booked out. Loving that guy!! He's also introduced us to a bunch of other people and does tell some awesome tales.

Beau and I have this new thing. Now when we meet Irish people of around our age or older we *must* ask them about learning Irish and "Peg" (sometimes they don't understand us and think we are asking about Pigs. weirdos!) You must try this yourself. Is so worth it :)

Point of Fashion: warm as possible
Current Obsession: own place soon. Also, I'm an idiot for leaving my hat on the bus

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