March 11, 2008

Making a life in Cork

Quite a busy day for us today. Beau got called to work, 3 days in the next week. Literally *days* as the shifts are 21-24 hours long! One is on St Patrick's day which is a public holiday here. He is being compensated accordingly and we will be spending 4 nights in a BnB in Galway during which time Beau will be working and I will be wandering around aimlessly.

We saw two possible flats today. Both were nicer than the ones we saw on the weekend. We have increased our acceptable price, but it is totally worth it. I don't want to talk about my favourite as I might jinx it! I could probably do a whole post about the ones that we've turned down though (range from seedy - dirty)

I also emailed a bunch of recruitment agencies yesterday(Sunday) and one called me this morning. I was pretty much shocked as I'd been told that the Irish don't call you back, no matter how often they say they will. Anyhoo, I went in and was tested. There was a woman in the room who had started the testing before me. She was seriously stressed and kept talking to herself. She was quite freaked out when I finished way before her. I talked to her a bit and possibly reassured her?

I tested pretty well, word 93%, excell 93%, typing 65wpm (up 5 from last time) 100%accuracy. I'm waiting on some referees, but they were pretty enthusiastic about getting me work. Yay!

All Irish people that we met today have commented on the weather and how bad it is. It has rained a fair amount, but mainly has been cold and very windy. Storm warnings abound and roofs have blown off houses. Beau and I are unfazed as we are from Wellington!

Touristy stuff: Yesterday we went and walked around St Finbar's Cathedral. It's gorgeous and we will be going back at a time that it is actually open to go *inside*. Today we went to the Quay Co-op, which we thought was going to be an alternative market/foodcourt of some kind, but was actually a lovely vegetarian cafe/restaurant with delicious cakes. If you visit us in Cork we will take you there for foods! We also walked through the "English Market" which was a market although not overwhelmingly english. There were several butchers and fresh produce places and we will definitely go there to shop. Our hostel the Bru Bar and Hostel is pretty cool. It's owned by 2 Kiwis and an Irish. I had a small world moment yesterday when I realised that I knew one of the Kiwis working there. We had been in the same student hostel in Otago.

We both have cell phone numbers now. Email me if you would like the digits.

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