November 16, 2007

13 to go ah, ah, ah!

I'm getting excited about the show. People who've been in shows with me may have noticed that I am often quite calm before going on stage, particularly if I don't "have anyone" in the audience. Tonight and tomorrow I have people in the audience. "Theatre people" even!

I spend a lot of time on stage in this production, I have 1 solo line and 1 spoken line. Most of the time I am singing with 2 other girls in a trio (I'm "middle" which is good for me, but is *hard*). We are sort of narrator type characters. We spend a fair amount of time setting the scene and singing to the audience. There were no character descriptions for us and our director wasn't very forcoming with the direction, so we've struggled somewhat with characterisation. However, we do have 4 costume changes (never mind that only 1 of the costumes fits me properly, the purple one)!

It's a fun show and I hope people go and I hope those who do go, find that it's a fun show ;)

We have 13 more shows to go, I'm sure the Wed and Thurs night ones aren't sold out!

Also, when you do go, please laugh/clap/cheer *loudly*, when people on stage get good feedback, their performance inevitably goes up a notch.

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