October 31, 2006

Sunday Walkies

Dad says he'll be giving more info ... but the time and date are confirmed

Sunday 5 Nov
Start at Khandalah Park 12:30pm (J'ville train departs Wgtn rail
12:02, get off at Khandalah)
Walk to Mum and Dad's place in K'town ( probably via the cemetary) and finish with a BBQ there.

Dad is suggesting that if people want, they could actually show up at his place *first* and then go together to Khandallah park. I think I might try to catch the train from J'ville rather than drive ... but maybe not.

Please join us. It *really* is not difficult, but definitely is enjoyable.

Point of Fashion: Halloween?!
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Posted by giffy at October 31, 2006 09:14 AM