May 29, 2004

Weekend slackness

Well today I had plans to do a bunch of school work. Instead I finished a Garth Nix book (Grim Tuesday) and had a nap. I like naps in the weekend. For some reason if I am at home and not doing much around 3.. I feel desperately sleepy. Then I sleep for about an hour. It's a pretty fabulous time waster.

Tomorrow I am heading up the coast for some roleplaying, mixed with shopping and visiting Jenni's parents for lavender. I am looking forward to this. It will be good. Also I will buy some Bee's Knees and some Yummy Ice cream. Ooooh yes. I hope it all lives up to my expectations.

Currently I am at Beau's house. Soon we will have dinner. I love having dinner here as the food is always yummy and I don't have to do any dishes. I should do some sometime tho as his parents are always great to me. I like his family alot.

Of course the previous statement about Beau's family is probably because I am annoyed with mine. Specifically, my Mum, who told me off for Bossing Beau too much, as well as showing him off, as well as treating him like he's stupid. Apparently this is what my Thai family said I did while he and I were in Thailand together on holiday. I'm sure they are doing it for my sake.

Anyway, feel free to comment. I loves them. Special kudos to phreq who did a massive 3 comments one 3 different posts in what appears to be one sitting. YOU ROCK! ;)

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