May 25, 2004

its all alright + food

biddley bee(p)

Everything is OK. School is going steadily. We are almost half way through the term right now. My y10 and y11 classes have been going well this week. It's kind of scary. They had been giving me some grife, but seem sorted. We'll see if that continues for the week.

Seen Beau everyday for the past few days which is nice. It's partly because I did some laundry at his house (we don't have a dryer) and then I left it there so had to go back and get it. Sometimes I am struck by how great a match he is for me. Awww.

Jonno is going on section at a school near mine so am giving him a ride into the hutt. I'm not very generous. If I was I'd get up an extra 25minutes earlier so that I could drive to his house and pick him up. But I won't. Getting up at 6.30 (ok I 'snooze' for another 6min at least) is already bad enough.

Giffy in the (early) morning is not sociable. She does not like to be broken out of a routine. So that I can sleep in the maximum amount but still hit the motorway by 7.20am, I try and get as much ready the night before as the first 15-20 min I am not awake. Thus I will just roll out of bed, grab clothes (always at least partially selected, if only to make sure I have socks and underwear for the day ahead) and clomp to the bathroom (sometimes i feel sorry for sis who sleeps beneath me and doesn't have to get up until 2+ hours later) turn on fan heater and brush hair for a good 3min. If it is a really slow moving morning I sometimes get distracted by my hairbrush and spend a few minutes cleaning it. I then get changed and brush teeth, wash face, go back to bedroom to get any other clothes I might have forgotten (extra jerseys for the cold), moisturise, grab bag and go downstairs. I am still not ready for other people, normally not until I have got my lunch ready. Then, when my toast is in the toaster and I've had a drink, I am ready to say Hi and goodmorning.

Jonno showed up before I was ready yesterday. I was annoyed at him for no good reason (apart for he had toast in the toaster when I wanted to put mine in). He was a bit later today. Clever man.

People liked it when I blogged about food. So here is some more. Tonight for dinner we talked about having steak (yum!) but Blondie isn't going to be in. So the flat will have to sort something else out. Beau is coming over as well, so we'll eat non-flat food. I am voting for pizza. Especially because when I went to Beau's house yesterday they had some! I wants! They had Hell, and thinking about it I don't think I've had Hell since April (so over three weeks!!). I want a Grimm, chicken and pinenuts yum. But then... they had Lust *Homer Simpsons style drool* all.. the... meeeeaaat.... and also Brimstone, it has spicy chicken and guacamole and I haven't had it before!!! I am soooo hungry. I told Jonno that i'd hang around til 5 at school so that I could give him a ride, but instead, I want PIZZA!! NOW!!

Wa-ah i've been looking at the menu some more and I also want lemon pepper wedges and Pina Colada Ice cream and moooore. ALso they have these little devils running around the bottom that you can pick up and throw with your mouse! Neat!

I better go eat one of my yogurts instead..... how did this turn into a post all about food?

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