October 05, 2014


Weelll. September has been a little odd. It started with a continuation of breathless coverage of the war, and has slowly subsided. The international wire pages have even managed a tiny bit of non-war news in the last few days. Local news is starting to return to normal. The news from the front itself is getting more realistic (including the first descriptions of trench warfare which capture some of the understanding that we have of it.) There is still a tacit assumption that the enormity of the battles must mean someone will obliterate someone else soon, though we've had the first reports of battles being one - just to find your troops in another set of trenches. It looks like Russia will conquer Austria in a matter of months.

If you're feeling a little down about the war and the ten's of thousands dead, you can rely on editorials like this one to buck you up.

Locally, the Wellington regiment is still stationed within a day's travel, having had its departure unaccountably delayed. It seems likely that there are PLANs afoot which we'll hear about later, much as the taking of Samoa was not reported until after the fact. (It was apparently important for its wireless equipment.) For some comparison with the internet, wireless transmission is approx 24000 words a day.

A Maori contingent is being considered but there are concerns about tuberculosis which nicely illustrates they way pakeha think Maori are a different people.

There are some problems acquiring medicine now that the German chemical industry is embargoed. And there are inconveniences to golfers. Also, the National Anthems of allies are being played in theatres, the less well-known ones confusing the patrons.

Other than that, (and a weird mayoral holiday) civilian life is relatively normal come the end of September. Some highlights:

In amongst the massive upheavals across Europe, Prince William of Wied (despite his best efforts and the support of Austria) looks like he will not get to be King of Albania after all.

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