April 03, 2014

march roundup

I had been going to write about how quiet and peaceful Wellington was in 1914. it was round about st Patrick's day, and there was a long happy report of the celebrations at Newtown park. they had things like coconut shies, and what I can only describe as wholesome fun. And there are advertisements like the one from from Mr Tonks of Tonks ave selling an up to date, modern butchers. with stables, sausage house and an asphalt yard. While there are no movies yet, you can buy a kinematiscope that your children can operate.

But of course it wasn't actually that peaceful. While the populace wasn't fighting in the streets, and bombs and guns weren't going off, there was quite a lot of dying and maiming due to misadventure of some kind. For example, a wharfie was killed while unloading when as rope broke. 8 people have just been killed due to an explosion in Upper Hutt. it is pretty sobering to realise that the suburb you live in used to have an orphanage (now an old age home.

In other news:

There was as long report on Danish diary milking methods, largely singing their praises. they Also worth noting, most cow care is done by women.

1914 has it's Nigerian scam, called the Spanish swindle.

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