March 03, 2014

February 1914

February 1914. Well. More of the same really. Memorable points:

* The Petone Council is considering whether to purchase the Percy Estate (which they will do and will turn it into the Percy Reserve).
* Rifle shooting is Important, and results are reported a lot.
* The crown prince of Albania is having a bit of trouble ruling his new princedom.
* Radium is awesome, ridiculously expensive and cures cancer. Probably.
* There was a decent sized earthquake which damaged chimneys around the region.
* There is a proposal to make a golf course in Berhampore. It'll be awesome, even though we'll have to move the cattle off it.
* Trials are being done for people who were part of the riot on Waterloo Quay. Since guns were seen, penalties are stiff.
* The Salvation Army are just finishing up their new Barracks/Training facility in Aro St (which isn't called Aro St yet).
* The Pankhurts are newsworthy.
* Wellington City Council are widening roads.
* Chinese people in Haining St are convicted of gaming - a game of chance called 'pakapoo'.
* The pope has had the tango demonstrated to him, but doesn't like it much. You can buy special tango dresses in town however.
* Some people think the road between Upper Hutt and Waikanae should be fixed. And maybe a railroad added.
* There are sections for sale in Day's Bay.

Also, this extraordinary piece about a grievance settlement with West Coast Maori. I think this must be a pretty direct translation of the original Maori - as it reads completely differently from the rest of the paper.

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