April 19, 2013

comments missing in action

For some subtle reason (subtle in that I haven't changed anything, so it'll be an environmental issue I don't know about), comments don't want to build in Wordpress at the moment. I'll fix this when I get a bit of time to trace through what might be up.

Posted by carla at 11:29 PM

April 17, 2013

we are now as progressive as uruguay

Pleased to see the New Zealand Parliament passed the Marriage for people regardless of gender bill with a decent margin. Bout time.

I'm not a particular fan of marriage. I am suspicious of its history and I think it is often over-romanticised. I think people should have thought deeply about such an important decision and be able to articulate not only why they want to get married, but also what marriage is, and how it helps their relationship.

However, I support the passing of the bill, if only so same sex couples who have chosen to get married can refer to their husband and wife with the full backing of the law. In my social circles, it's easy enough to refer to your partner as whatever you want. Many different approaches have been taken, and accepted. But when you're well outside your usual social space, words like husband and wife can carry a significant weight. As in "Excuse me, do you have any codine, my wife has a migraine" just has a different ring to it.

I was greatly moved to hear pokarekare ana ring out from the public gallery at the end. We may be a westminster democracy, but we have made it into a democracy where singing is expected and part of the process. This makes it pretty unique, and something to be cherished.

Notes from the debate:
* loving being able to see the speeches from home - looks like televised parliament didn't cause the end of the world either
* points to Te Ururoa Flavell for the pinkest tie
* points to John Banks for getting it right this time (even if he was pushed by the youth wing of his party)

Posted by carla at 10:58 PM