June 27, 2012

ag students

These people at Factor E Farm are not like the agriculture students famous at Lincoln and Massey. Fascinating to see what happens when you mix IT geek and back-to-the-land hippie.

Also interesting to note the clear understanding they have that documenting the coolness they make is a key element of making it available to the world. "Documentation is how we teach other people how to do this all over the world."

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June 11, 2012

pirate party

I've been to a number of pirate-themed children's parties over the last year or so.

So I'm somewhat surprised to find that Germany has a grown-up Pirate Party, which boasts elected members of the Berlin state parliament. Here is their wikipedia entry. They seem to particularly stand for copyright freedom and political transparency (open source government no less).

Digital citizenship is getting interesting.

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