February 25, 2011


Two things:

Firstly, I find myself merging two songs: the title line from The Dance Exponents song "Christchurch, in Cashel St I wait", followed by the chorus to Regina Spektor's Fidelity: "and it breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart". They seem to flow together particularly well.

Secondly, on the GNS website, I ran into this photo of damage to the Christchurch Cathedral spire from the 1888 North Canterbury earthquake:

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February 13, 2011

My initial reaction to people saying Ronald Regan is their hero is an intellectual reaction similar to spluttering coffee out my nose in disbelief. To me Regan was a disaster for America, and a buffoon*. Apparently not everyone agrees.

For example, this guy is busy thinking Regan is awesome and is also running for the Republican nomination, as their first openly gay candidate. So (despite a residual coffee spluttering effect) I hope he does well. And there is reason to think he might do quite well. Other than being a seasoned strategist and first out of the blocks, there are enough queer Republicans who will donate to his campaign for him to make quite a stink. And (as he says in the interview) simply by being out and comfortable in his own skin, he is very likely to help some poor sod in a conservative community - where no amount of Wellington liberal, living-room debate will have any effect at all.

* I should read up on this period of history. My lasting impressions of Regan were strongly influenced by the no-nukes tanty and his penchant for selling weapons to violent people all over the world. I doubt that is the full picture. Perhaps he's actually even worse than that.

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