December 31, 2010

local film does good

According to NBR, Boy was had the second highest ticket sales for any film showing in 2010. If you count Avatar as a 2009 flick (which was the year it was initially released in - by about a week), Boy was first. Ahead of both Twilight Saga films, and the other 3D offering Alice in Wonderland.

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December 19, 2010


Today I baked 500 cookies. At least that is the amount that the recipe said is made by the mixture of 1.670 dry goods and 825g wet/damp goods that I turned into faintly sticky bread-y stuff in my kitchen this afternoon. Given we've already eaten at least 20 and made no appreciable difference to the pile resting slightly ominously in the kitchen, I'm in no mood to disagree.

Now the house smells of Christmas tree, allspice and wet wellington in the summer.

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