August 11, 2010

online comics

I've been sort of waiting for the breakthrough with online comics where the traditional paper format starts to take advantage of the new digital techniques that are available to it. I think nawlz is an impressive effort.

It has the qualities I like in comics and graphic novels. It's got a traditional line drawing and block colour style, done in a way I like (in fact I'd be impressed with the art alone). And it has nice, varied framing of content. So far so good - but doable just fine on paper. What it also has is an interface where you have to click to move through the story - dangerous ground where it is easy to detract - but this is done nicely, with nods to old DOS role playing games. The clicking enables the author to layer content over the same visual space, move/reveal/change graphic elements, and move forwards (right) and backwards (left) or around and around to support the flow of the story.

And it has a sound track. Blessedly no narration (traditional comic text is supplied instead), but the sounds that accompany the comic are an integral part of the story itself. I've only read part I, and God knows where it is going, but I love the delivery, and I hope there are lots of artists out there who are also reading, and being inspired to adopt their own take on this work. That way I can have a happy old age reading comics on my laptop.

Posted by carla at 11:15 PM