June 11, 2010

really nice sports tournament schedule

This interactive schedule for the World Cup is a really nice example of how digital information can be awesomely better than paper.

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June 09, 2010

free as in freedom

This article by the vice-principal of a school which has moved to open source software is a pretty good statement of the philosophical reasons people might want to use open source software. In particular, it struck me that they'd noticed how schools tend to turn a blind eye to students illegally downloading copies of proprietary software so they can do school work on their home computer(s).

I've noticed that students, charities and other not-for-profits often do this, and it seems so incongruous with their other stated aims and values. While open source doesn't always provide a viable option, some products do the job perfectly well - particularly when the user just wants to do something simple. I can only hope that the leading open source candidates will continue to get better and easier to use.

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June 08, 2010


Today I stayed home with a head cold. I slept it was good. But this also meant I had more exposure to the weather than I usually do in my ground-floor office, far from the windows. The weather was horrible. Perhaps I noticed more than usual, because we are still missing some of our cladding on our southern wall. But I think it really was that bad. I collected evidence from the following websites:

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