August 31, 2008

lawyers ain't cheap

So Winston is being investigated because it looks like he has used funds which were intended for politics for other things like paying lawyers. He now has an expensive set of lawyers to handle the Serious Fraud Office's investigation into how he paid the last set of lawyers.

I don't think he has the stomach for this fight.

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August 14, 2008

bit of a blow

Reading this description of the Beaufort Scale which defines wind strengths, I am very aware of how normal wind is in Wellington. I was also struck by how many hurricane force storms we have.

I also particularly like the "Umbrella use becomes difficult." at 40-50 km/h winds - given the forecast is for tomorrow is 6-70 km/h winds and my interpretation was something like 'it'll be a bit windy then'.

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August 05, 2008

fly me to the stars

Oh wow. When I saw the news coverage of the new jet pack I didn't really believe it. However, having read this sod's account of his experience flying in the jet pack, I now want to have a go myself.

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