June 14, 2008

electorate trivia

From reading the electorate summaries of the Electoral Office, I now know out of the 63 normal electorates and the 7 maori electorates, the Rongotai electorate:
* has the highest rate of Middle Eastern/Latin American/African people
* a notably low rate of 5-20 year olds and the 2nd highest rate of 30-49 year olds.
* the highest rate of people born in north east asia who have been here more than 20 years.
* the 2nd highest rate of post-graduate and honours degrees (not masters or doctorate) only Wgtn Central has a higher rate.
* the 2nd highest rate of catholics and salvation army members and the 2nd lowest rate of baptists
* the 3rd highest rate of other partnerships (not marriage) and the 5th to lowest marriage rate.
* the 6th highest rate of non-family households and the 4th lowest rate of one family households.
* 1 decile 1 school (15 pupils) and 8 decile 10 schools (3899 pupils total).
* a high rate of rental accommodation (and a low rate of ownership).
* 2 suburbs with a social deprivation decile of 1 (privileged) no suburbs with a social deprivation decile of 10 (very deprived). The 3 most deprived suburbs (9) are Berhampore, Newtown East and Kilbirnie East.
* 2nd highest rate of arts and recreational employment (after only Wgtn Central), and 3rd highest Information media and telecommunications employment. 2nd lowest rate of factory workers (ahead of only Wgtn Central).

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June 02, 2008


This is a fine example of why I struggle with some popular forms of escapism.

It also helps to explain why I don't write love songs very often. If I was to write love things they would suffer as shown in the following example:

I would do anything, anything, for you, I love you so much.
I should note I wouldn't hurt puppies for you. Well, perhaps a tiny bit, but I can't imagine why puppies would ever come into it.
Or compromise my principles too much (no, I'm not sure quite how much that would be, but your chances of getting me into a homophobic church are excessively slim).
And I wouldn't endanger the environment in any material way.
Oh crap, my scansion has gone to hell, no wonder I'm so miserable.

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