March 31, 2008

rogue hop

Well, that's the best beer of the summer. I don't tend to like pilsner, it tends to be a little tasteless, or perhaps too bitter for me (who knows). But Harrington's "The Rogue Hop Organic Pilsner" is a fine, fine brew. It's got a proper mouthful of flavour without being sickly sweet or bulldozing the palate with tons of hops. It's just a good, solid, fresh, robust without being overbearing kind of beer.

If you like your beer with a little flavour, but light and reasonably dry, I think this is well worth a try. They also give you 10 cents if you return the bottle. :-)

(Needless to say, I found it at the peerless Regional Wines and Spirits which, despite the name, has the best range of beer in the region.)

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March 30, 2008

take a polaroid of this blog

Well, as H pointed out in the comment on the previous blog entry, Polaroid are discontinuing production of their instant development film.

This site has more details about what you can do to encourage someone else to produce it instead.

This site has a bunch of people's self-portraits using polaroids - and I think it's well worth a look. There's something nice about photographers using themselves to create the image. Like haiku, it makes their job harder, but the results more interesting.

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March 18, 2008

26 shots

This post got lost in transmission, but is here now.

Well, recently I went rifle shooting for the first time. It's not something I ever would have thought of myself doing, I've never really had the opportunity. So when the social group at work was going small (.22) bore shooting in Brooklyn I thought I'd give it a shot (as it were). And it was fun.

The range in Brooklyn is in amongst a bunch of houses which cling to the side of the hill. Consequently, the road is single lane with parking on the footpath in classic Wellington style before you even get to the place. Then it itself is down an innocuous-looking path which looks just like 150 other household paths I've been down or past over the years. Yet there is a whole 20 meter shooting range down the hill between the houses. It's sort of like someone found an old school prefab and dropped it down the hill with a crane, tacked a few bits onto either end to make it a decent length and then mucked about in the basement in full Wellington diy style to make a very long, low ceilinged place for shooting. It was nice, and distinctively kiwi and wellington.

I was also pleasantly pleased to have 2 women and 2 blokes as our chaperones (they called themselves something else, but chaperones seems appropriate around guns somehow). They had the sort of gender equality which is born of many years of the women being as good as the men. Better often (being female certainly seemed to help in our troup). I think this is probably because women tend to use their ligaments and bones to hold them up, whereas men tend to use their muscles much more. If you are shooting, using your muscles is exactly what you are trying to avoid (the lying down helps). Using your muscles tends to make you twitch when you fire the shot.

For the record, these were my scorecards (the 10.1s are bullseyes):

3 sighters: 10.1, 9, 6 then 10 shots:8, 6, 7, 8, 10, 9, 9, 9, 9, 7 (total 81).
3 sighters: 0, 8, 10, then, 10 shots: 7, 10.1, 10.1, 9, 5, 0, 9, 8, 8, 10.1 (total 76.3).

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March 08, 2008

pregnant butch

When I was pregnant, I would occasionally get people asking me how I found it. From their tone, and slight hesitation, I concluded their real question was something like "You're not a girly, girl - don't you find being pregnant freaky? After all, it's a girly thing to do."

I think perhaps this cartoon may help to explain how I felt about it.

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