October 26, 2007

where is the wi fi?

This T-shirt is totally fantastic. (Though possibly a little too likely to make people stare at your breasts.)

This is also cool (though much smaller).

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October 15, 2007


This cartoon, however, made me feel ever so much better.

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This Rugby World Cup just isn't turning out how I'd like. Firstly, no All Blacks last weekend or next week end. I don't feel like my national pride has been dented by their loss, but theirs was the story I was following and I had to stop. Then I was hoping for a poetic final of Argentina - France as a replay of the opening match. Bang goes that option.

So I am attempting to like the final because it is a replay of the Spring Bok - England game earlier in the tournament, but I'm struggling.

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October 02, 2007


There's new graffiti on the changing sheds at Princess Bay. In small, neat writing someone has painted "Sorry Kerry".

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