May 29, 2007

check it out

I've made it online.

Nothing to say so far sadly. But it is nice to sit at the computer with a coffee for once.

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May 20, 2007

daft bass

This man is playing a bass of a truly daft design. His outfit is also daft. I am glad he looks happy, as I surely wouldn't be.

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May 13, 2007


Well, I am now a mother. In fact, my son is currently plastered to my front in a carrying device. It seems to make him happy (well, quiet, and that seems to be the same thing at this stage of development).

So far, it is very unexpected. I mean, obviously I was expecting a child. You don't go through the trouble we have over the last 6 years and not be aware that you are pregnant. But the little fellow is unexpected. He's more beautiful than I expected. More immediate than I expected. More imponderable than I expected. Easier to operate than I expected (though I imagine there are surprises in store).

Lias is a pretty reasonable kid. He sleeps if nothing is wrong and he's given a soothing experience (like being held, or being in the stroller or car going somewhere). He cries if something is bothering him (like wind, a dirty nappy, hunger or, my favourite, being overtired). He mucks about happily in front of the heater or in the bath. He likes breastmilk. He sleeps for 4 hours in a stretch from time to time. He doesn't mind what my hair looks like. He puts on weight in a way that makes medical professionals happy.

So far I find being a parent a lot like a spectacularly long tramping trip. Demanding, beautiful, absorbing, physical, and it is lovely to get a hot shower or a spot of time in a comfortable bed.

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