August 05, 2014


So far the Dominion and Evening Post are determinedly not reporting that we are at war. Everyone is saying we are practically at war - but are not actually, properly, formally at war yet.

I'm struggling to reconcile this with reports by yesterday's news media indicating the beginning of the war had been announced. It would appear the Aug 4 date was a false alarm.

I mean, it is quite possible that the local papers just haven't heard yet, as the wires take some time to get around the globe. Or that the interpretation of 'being at war' is a little hazy. It seems to be a little fluid in 1914.

Oh, no. Wait. There it is. War is announced by the Governor on page 8 on Aug 5. I can only imagine what it is like at the newspaper offices. Apparently there are crowds outside some of them waiting for news. One thing is clear, getting accurate up to date info isn't easy in 1914.

Perhaps the most tragic thing is the Austrian-Servian war seems to be cooling off.

Posted by carla at August 5, 2014 10:54 PM