June 20, 2011


Well I've finally ended the vast, endless savanna of procrastination that was me not getting a motorbike license*. Passed the Basic Handling Skills test with a 'good' pass, and got 35/35 for the theory. I now have a dubious looking bit of paper which allows me to legally ride a motorcycle on NZ roads. They promise me a new proper license with god knows what embarrassing photo on it later.

So I will shortly enter the ranks of people prepared to sit outside in the rain in order to get anywhere. Assuming (that is) I can find a bike that is short enough for my squitty little legs, that will cope on the motorway out to visit the in-laws, isn't hideously expensive or hideously pretentious, and I have a hope in hell of controlling and enjoying the ride. So far they're looking pretty thin on the ground.

* 20 years at least.

Posted by carla at June 20, 2011 09:48 PM
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