April 11, 2008

crank it out

One of the hellish states for an artist is wanting to express something you feel strongly about, and only being able to achieve preachy junk. One of the things I love about successful and smart art is it often tips my brain around while simultaneously being effortlessly human and believable. It gives me an even bigger lift when it expresses something I live in or with everyday which isn't often seen (the decent same sex relationships are few and far between - even when you include the boys).

So I was interested to read xkcd's rant (yes, I think I'd call it a rant) about his struggle to keep his comic strip from being too heteronormative or sexist. Interestingly he's created a pure hero for me in the strip about Mrs Roberts ("Little Bobby Tables" is brilliant). I think perhaps he has good judgment about when he's getting it right.

Posted by carla at April 11, 2008 10:26 PM
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