April 16, 2007

fiddler on the roof

Went to see the Fiddler on the Roof that is on at the St James this evening. Topol (the guy who plays the lead) is very good. Like watching someone who has a very old, but beautifully made and preserved jacket on. He managed to be fresh in his performance, but so finely tuned, it was like watching beautiful clockwork.

Pity I can't say much for the rest of the cast. The Matchmaker was very good, but the rest seemed somehow vocally thin, and their accents were *very* uneven. I get sick and tired of shows where each actor just picks an accent they feel comfortable with. There were two Kiwi accents, at least one American jewish one, and an assortment of European jews. It rather ruined the sense of a small, cohesive village of people who were related to each other.

The live orchestra was a blessing, it made the performance much warmer somehow. And while the backdrops were weak, the on-set building and mechanists were excellent. I think the dancing of the buildings was better than the dancing of the cast.

However, all up, this very pregnant lady sat quite happily through nearly 3 hours of show without falling asleep or wanting to leave.

Posted by carla at April 16, 2007 11:54 AM
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