April 02, 2007

font my words

One of the more unpleasant things about renovations is negotiating with people who have done a crap job about why you don't want to pay their invoice in full. In this case, it was because it cost other contractors quite a lot to fix it.

On this occasion, however, it gave me a new insight into myself, namely that I have passed over that nebulous divide between normal people and design geeks. I seriously started to consider which font the letter should be written in. I never use Times New Roman because it seems strangely bitter to me, but for this letter I thought it might very well be appropriate and lend my letter an official and accurate tone. I definitely discarded my usual Garamond, as being way too open and warm spirited. Eventually E came to my rescue by suggesting Palatino (after laughing at me quite a lot).

Meanwhile the walls go in, and I hope that I can ward off the council inspector with a surfeit of smoke detectors.

Posted by carla at April 2, 2007 10:05 PM
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