March 08, 2007

an entry

shocking I know.

I think of blog topics, but then don't actually blog them. This is mostly due to the renovations we're doing to our house. It has been a pretty huge emotional drain (not physical for me as noone will let me help). But tiring. And someone broke in a nicked some stuff on Saturday night. I mind a lot less about that than I mind about the idiots who have done irresponsible things to the house over the years (they only took stuff which is easy to replace), but it isn't nice. Bless all our friends who have been helping - the difference the effort made was huge.

And I'm still in the band and working full time. Though that stops at the end of next week (or on Tuesday if the midwife thinks I'm getting sick).

Meanwhile I'm enjoying the happy drugs that come with pregnancy. Well my pregnancy anyway. It's pleasant to be in a physical and social space after a long stint in my head. I wonder whether I will want to go back to work in November.

Meanwhile the band called dave has a gig tomorrow night at Queen's Wharf and one on Saturday and the Gay and Lesbian Fair. I hope the Fair is as good as the Newtown one was last weekend. It was *fantastic*, lovely weather, heaps of largely happy people and really good stalls and performers.

Posted by carla at March 8, 2007 06:01 PM
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