October 27, 2005

no content

Today (like many other days) I have no content.

Well I suppose, often I have content that doesn't match my time for writing (witness the timestamp on this one!).

But, I'm soon to be working in town (again). I have quit current job and am lining up for a long contract with ACC. Well paid and new material to work on. I was dicussing with M, E and E tonight and I think I've learnt pretty much the full caboodle of what is available where I am. I need to feed the mind that is inquisitive! And insurance and government corporation monopolies (which are attempting to avoid competition) will have learning fodder to adequate levels.

I dispair of finding a long-term job which satisfies my need for new data.

I embrace the open horizons which are offered by contracting.

I check my bank ballance nervously.

Posted by carla at October 27, 2005 11:32 PM
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