August 12, 2005

ask not for whom the worm turns

Well, tonight's worm debate was pretty good all up. I was impressed with the politicians as a whole. They didn't spend the entire time bagging each other, and some of them actually addressed issues and pointed out policy.

Most of the reactions were predictable. Dunne is a worm whisperer, though I doubt it will do him as much good as it did last time. Anderton was as enlivening as a pile of sawdust, and Hide said a lot which didn't connect with the audience. Tariana got caned when she mentioned culture or the Treaty.

There were also some surprises. The worm was notably positive towards sustainable energy solutions. Anderton actually had policies (and a paua shell coloured tie!). Everyone wore black except Helen, who was in RED. Winston (largely) kept his cool.

Helen connected with the audience. She made what she said count, and received a mostly positive reception.

Brash started well, but dipped badly when exposed about *anything*, or when he had to talk about actual policy detail. He looks very stiff when he's ad libbing and, frankly, like he's lying about something. He (extremely adept) media minders need to keep him on scripted stuff.

Curiously for me, the audience's reaction indicated that they were looking for 'change'. This is going to make the Government's job very difficult, particularly in the face of the same front bench (and no releif on the horizon).

Posted by carla at August 12, 2005 03:23 AM
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