August 09, 2005

economies of christmas

What does $50 buy you at christmas?

For me, it buys $50 of something nice to try, the potential of a good experience. But (in one of those moments when you realise the rest of the world doesn't automatically work like yourself) I figure other people spend $50 on other things.

So, a list of my guesses about what people buy when they spend $50 at christmas:

* a $50 "I love you" voucher (it's the thought that counts)

* $50 worth of luxury (French champagne anyone?)

* $50 worth of "I'm doing better than you" (cause I can afford/orgnanise this)

* $50 of nostalgia (I remember when we used to eat this in the old country)

* extra heaven points (just give that $50 to jesus)

* $50 of less work (I hired students to come and clean up the whole garden)

Posted by carla at August 9, 2005 04:10 PM
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