May 19, 2005

condoms and abstinance

The really sad thing about a lot of the arguments for abstinence in evangelical christian circles at the moment, is that part of the reason for not having sex is that condoms aren't effective.

Sure condoms have a failure rate, but they are still damn fine protection against a wide range of the negative effects of having sex with someone else.

If you assert condoms they are next to useless, anyone who breaks their vow (and has sex outside marriage) is much more likely to think using a condom is a waste of time.

Thus making the possible effects of the oath breaking much worse.

I have real problems with people who use dodgy data or half truths to try to prop up an ethical position which is actually based on part of the bible. If God said, then God said. Surely you don't need corroborating evidence in order to follow his word? He's ineffable remember?

Posted by carla at May 19, 2005 12:20 AM
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