March 16, 2005


On Saturday I went to see Sarah McLaughin at the Michael Fowler Centre. I've always seen part of the fun of a live gig being access to a different version of a song. But Sarah sang it just like on the album. Most of the arrangements were just like on the album. And sadly, I would have been better off listening to the concert on my stereo.

What is it about the mfc? Why does our premier music venue produce such a dreadful quality of sound? I mean, it made Sarah's voice sound awful in patches, which I can pretty much guarantee it isn't. It made her two guitarists sound like one overzealous teenager and made the two keyboardists look like they were just waving their hands around and not actually adding anything. Humph.

But it was lovely to get the audience interaction (especially as she genuinely seemed to enjoy the enthusiasm we showed her) and to see how the visual side of the show comes together with the sound. Lovely to be able to watch a breath being taken in before being sung. It's just darn special.

She also seemed to like Wellington, if only because we are summery and she was coming from wintery Vancouver. There is certainly enough in common between the two cities, and we each seem to think the other's access is cute. She also mentioned that Canadians and New Zealanders seem to have more in common than you would initially expect. I think we definitely share many similarities in temperament and what we think is appropriate interpersonal behaviour. We also share little brotherness, British heritage, colonialism and a fair bit in common with approaches to relationships with indigenous races.

It makes me wonder if we won't end up with more in common with (at least Western) Canadians than Australians.

And we'd be able to beat them at rugby and cricket. ;)

Posted by carla at March 16, 2005 10:16 PM
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