March 02, 2005

second generation circus

Yup, it's another show recommendation:

7 Fingers of the Hand is bloody good. It is far into the second generation of circus performance, and full some of the best quality material I've seen in a while. The show hangs together as a whole really well, and has engaging characters, humour, sex, dark yearnings and comedy (including lovely use of latercomers). There is also the best tissue work I've ever seen and some fabulous acrobatic jugglers.

In fact, I'd say it was better than Happy Hour for Miserable Childern (which I saw at Bats last year and was excellent).

By second generation circus I mean non-animal circus, which uses theatre and sometimes dance to augment the shows and often has live music. It is starting to get to the point where second generation circus is meshing the circus performance and the theatrical performance to a high enough degree that the joins are seamless.

Posted by carla at March 2, 2005 08:31 PM
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