February 16, 2005

Writing NCEA style

This is the official standard for writing for 7th formers. So much for the NCEA not being a clearly defined standard.

I was particularly interested on the emphasis on impact of the writing being required to achieve excellence. I'm not at all convinced that I ever produced anything which had impact, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get points for it in my current work (though the Alarms sections probably have scope for sensationalism - "This alarm means your entire system is about to go up in FLAMES! Grab the nearest fire extinguisher and run, Run, RUN! No really, ... stop reading this nonsense and just get out NOW!").

I'm also practically offended at the craft definition (reworking and reshaping the writing). The only way I can work is to write the final draft immediately. Trying to retrieve writing of poor quality is almost impossible for me when I'm that close to it. It also ignores the importance of writing exact material quickly.

Posted by carla at February 16, 2005 09:57 AM
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