February 10, 2005

editorial drinking games

Ok, so maybe I've been working with words for too long. Today I had an idea for a proofreading drinking game.

Each of you turn up with a decently sized example of your work. One which hasn't been proof read yet, but ideally one which you would be prepared to release to a wider audience.

You all swap documents.

Everytime someone finds a new error in your document, you take a drink.

No doubt there could be many, varied and complicated rules around the penalty for different infringements. For example, missing a full stop at the end of a sentence should probably incur more of a result than creative use of a hyphen.

The original context for this was with a group of colleagues (as this sorts out the style guide issue). Not sure how you would establish common ground for documents of varied provenance, but maybe trying to write the style guide would be part of the fun. In fact, I am getting steadily more sure that designing the game would be the entire point. :)

Posted by carla at February 10, 2005 10:09 AM
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