December 07, 2004

you're all just breeding units

No kidding, that was the contribution to the debate about the Civil Union Act in Parliament tonight from Judy Turner of united Future. The main criteria for marriage is being a "breeding unit". Me and my friend E nearly started laughing hysterically (which would probably have resulted in us being ejected from the Public Gallery). Same sex couples should not be able to get married because they are "non-breeding units".

Others were more interesting: Stephen Franks and Maurice Williamson appeared to spend their entire speaches explaining why we should be repealing the Marriage Act rather than passing a Civil Union Act.

Tim Barnet won the delivery contest, but I can't remember what the substance of his speach was as it added almost nothing to the debate.

Bill English avoided explaining his conscience by explaining that the Bill didn't explain what the Civil Union would result in. This is possibly a valid point, but they pass a hell of a lot of legislation which is vague and hopeful - why not now?

My winner of the bit of the night I saw was the Member for Invercargill (Mark Peck), who rested his conscience on his definition of Christian values. I can't remember exactly what they were, but he explained them in the tone of one who believes the best of people - which I wish had characterised the tone of more of the debate.

I'll be attempting to remember to put a link to the transcripts here later. My guess is Hansard will have them here in 2-4 years.

Posted by carla at December 7, 2004 08:26 PM
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