October 19, 2004


I've just spent the weekend in Bavaria near the Alps (very pretty, snow, pines and everything). Anyway I noticed that they all seem to build these huge farmhouses with 20 rooms and large gardens.

Then I get back to England where even people in the wilds of Yorkshire build like they might fall of the edges of a pocket handkerchief if they get too excited.

I also got to see real live Bavarians in lederhosen. The strangest thing was that it actually suited them very well (and I'm no usually a girl who goes for leather trousers).

In fact, I was so generally excited about everything that I quite enjoyed the tube ride from Heathrow to Liverpool St Station. Until I noticed that Londoners have the look of people who know everything within their horizons. Like being in one of the most extraordinary cities in the world permanently ruins you for anywhere else. It made me think fond thoughts about the world-focusedness New Zealanders often have. Our habit of cultural cringe has left us with the conviction that there are better things out there somewhere, and contradictorily that we can get as good as we like because we'll never get close enough to world class to be afraid of failing to be.

Speaking of which, my cousin who lives on a farm at the foothills of the alps is in love with his Swandri. Though I should point out that it is one of the newer boiled wool ones, not one of the traditional checkered flavours.

I plan to steal his cultural artifacts by adapting tile ovens to the New Zealand bbq. This website has some background info and piccies. (Though my cousin's ones were more low key and endearing.)

oh, and weisswurst was much, much better than I remembered.

Posted by carla at October 19, 2004 11:01 PM
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