June 30, 2004

train wreck food

I've been eating in Ipswich for 6 weeks now and are underwhelmed. Sure, there has been a fair amount of adequate food, and I'm sure the less appealing meals have been at least partly due to a newcomer's inability to correctly assess the potential of a venue before going in.

But somehow, it lacks the tasty qualities that New Zealand food has acquired in the last 20 years.

(Note: It is almost exactly 20 years since we saw the back of Muldoon and the baby-boomers took over, well some of them did anyway.)

I remember a German cousin of mine commented that New Zealand wine was boisterous. I didn't think much of that at the time, as German wine making is pretty tightly controlled.

But now I have a feeling there was something more to it. I was trying to describe it to a local and could only describe NZ cuisine as a well-organised train wreck. I miss it. But, in good news, I have found a voluble Canadian who served me a *huge* chicken sandwich (it was almost taller than it was wide). It having defeated me in the lunch stakes, I'm taking it home for dinner :)

Posted by carla at June 30, 2004 05:48 AM
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