May 27, 2004

friday theme early


My current interest in self-imposed interuptions. Like moving to a town/city in Suffolk for 6 months. There's an interruption if ever I saw one (well, it is if you've spent the last 26 years living peaceably in Wellington).

There are many and varied reasons why it is probably a good idea (and a couple of profound ones why it isn't). But mainly, I decided to throw all the toys out of the cot and see what happened.

So far so good. The overwhelming impressions are:

* the vague familiarity of everything
* missing my relationship, and
* how nice it is to do things the hard way (for a while).

I think this is one of the significant things I've always liked about tramping. Not only do you get completely fabulous scenery, but you also get to find out what you cook if you have to carry all the food and aparatus and use only fire. Perhaps my penchant for cooking on coal bbq is similar, or sleeping in the living room.

I'm noticing how important it is to get the balance right between what you keep familiar and what you let be different. Currently I miss Ceri and Ponstan more than anything else.

Posted by carla at May 27, 2004 02:48 AM
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