March 09, 2004


I have done far too much gardening in the last 4 days. Now everything hurts. But the garden will be nice for the landlord. bah.

Also, I have discovered a palatible alternative for California table grapes - KiwiBerries. They are grape-sized kiwi fruit and you can eat them all in one go. Tart and sweet like grapes but without the seeds.

Why was I looking for an alternative to California table grapes? Because blackwidow spiders have a habit of hitchiking into NZ on them. Eventually they'll get loose. So the only way to avoid the suckers is to stop demand for California table grapes - which means growing them local like, or finding something else to eat.

See. See how tired I am. I'll be discussing condiments next. bah.

Posted by carla at March 9, 2004 09:05 PM
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