December 21, 2003

arwen and the groovy cricket shirt

there isn't actually any connection between these two items (other then time and my brain). but hey... I tried (not very hard).

There has been some comment that Liv Tyler made a sad, sad comment that she liked Wellington because she got to be a special movie star here, instead of just a movie star. This would be a hell of a lot more egocentric, except that she is one of the few people who has grown up in stardom. On account of her dad, a medium level of stardom has been normal to her her whole life. And then she comes to Welly and gets to be a big star - like most people feel if they make it in Hollywood at all.

Besides, I like the idea of hijacking the loyalties of Amercian stars.

Tho possibly not for $400 million.

The New Zealand cricket team have found an unexpected level of styliness in their shirts. Normally these things are very utilitarian and are made of white polyester (or something equally banal).

This season the fabric has ferns woven into the fabric. On account of the whiteness of the fabric, the ferns appear silver. They are the best bit of sports fashion innovation I have seen in some many years. Yay! (I think the NZers have also done quite well in the batting).

Lastly, yes, I do think $400 million is an exorbitant amount to subsidise a film (or even 3 films) by. The only long term benefits I can see from the whole shebang are:

1. We proved that producing a very large scale film in NZ was possible. Okay, so you have to ship in lots of people, but it can be done.

2. The NZ landscape has been used in an international story (albeit a Western one). This has been done sympathetically with the natural shapes, colours, light, and diverse locations. Peter has done a proper job of making our landscape that we see everyday into a star in its own right. I am deeply moved by this, and consequently I don't care how much it cost.

3. It gave NZ a win against a rather unforgiving world. I don't actually care whether or not an oscar is won by a NZ film I'm just amazed that there are real discussions about a NZ film getting one. It gives us stories to tell ourselves that we can make it after all. Of which there are precious few.

On balance, I think these things were cheap at the price.

Posted by carla at December 21, 2003 01:06 AM
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