December 13, 2003

unfavourite things

If I'd done my homework last week, I'd know how to approach this...

Things that don't work because they are badly designed. (This is actually a *huge* topic. It includes contracts, governments, toasters, tramping gear, software, shopping malls...)

People who are nasty or destructive without cause. (This is also a huge topic including everything from people who break up relationships for fun to cops who enforce laws subjectively and maliciously to superpowers who invade other countries.)

The third windy day in a row. One or two I can take. The third just makes me grumpy.

Snafus, fuckups and stupidity on my part. Scary, embarrasing and vexing.

Panic attacks. Nothing like being on a rollercoaster driven by a madman with no breaks, no safety belt and no padding.

Combined illnesses (e.g. Hangover and period pain. Cough and broken rib. Sprained ankle and diarrhoea.)

Bad timing (e.g. racing to a meeting to miss the meetee by 1 minute).

Posted by carla at December 13, 2003 01:03 AM
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